2018 Writing Goals

It’s a new year and this year, I decided to post into existence all of the things I need to happen. I’m using the words need to happen because these aren’t just things I want. The difference between what I want to write, and what I need to write can be incredibly subtle, but let’s look at another area of life for an example.

I may want a new pair of shoes, but do I need them? No. I have a closet full of nearly 50 pairs of shoes that are in perfectly wearable and fashionable condition. I certainly don’t need a new pair of shoes. Writing can be much the same for me. I want to write and get paid $1 million bucks per post, but guess what – I need to hone my craft, grow my base and earn that money. See the difference? To help me get there, I have come up with my list of 2018 writing goals.

2018 Writing Goals

  1. No Matter What, Write.

    That may sound obvious, but this is something I struggle with, and you may too if you get the writing blues like me. If I don’t feel like writing, I won’t. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM for me and a lot of writers. We have to treat writing like a job – even when I don’t want to go, I go anyway. Even if I don’t want to write I have to do it.

  2. Post to the Wicked Blog at Least 3 Times per Week.

    Some bloggers have the fortitude to post every day, sometimes twice a day. That seems insane to me. While, I give them tons of credit for making that happen, its just not me. Until I get rid of having more of my “lazy nights”, I am going to stick with something that’s doable but challenging for me.

  3. Post to My Bianca Dean Facebook Page at Least 1 Time per Week.

    I never do this – mainly because I dropped off the face of the Earth for a year, but because sometimes I feel like the other writers I follow have more interesting things to say. I love reading their posts and liking their stuff, but rarely do I post anything of my own. That stops this year. You will hear me whether you want to or not.


    I need to plan things out. I need to make sure I’ve got a week’s worth of blog posts drafted so if something comes up, all I have to do is hit the publish button. Planning is the key to perfection – even if you’re a Panster and not a Planner – so I have to be consistent…which leads me to my next goal.

  5. Be Consistent!

    If you’re this far into this list, you already know I lack consistency. No more. I will post 3 times per week, and I will post to Facebook 1 time per week, and dang-it, I will be working on my WIP 3 days a week. Oh boy.

  6. Have a Finished Re-write of Transformations

    While realizing that I left readers hanging and how unfair it was for me to do that (I hate when authors do it to me. Sorry guys.), I realized I stopped because I didn’t know where my WIP, Transformations was going. I’d literally written it twice – that’s two times I completely scrapped the book and started over. Yes, part of it was worrying that no one would like it, but it was mostly because it felt off. I think I may be on the right track this time, and I’ve got an entire year to let you guys see what’s been taking so long.

  7. Stick With My New Bullet Journal

    I will update this section with links as I go, but for now, just know that I started a Writing Bullet Journal to help me get my shit together for 2018. The only way this will work is if I stick to it, and I promised myself I will. Eventually, I will have a link to My Writer’s Bullet Journal.

  8. Read More to Write More

    If Stephen King suggested it, it must be true. I need to read more. This one is self-explanatory.

  9. Pinterest

    This one doesn’t just involve looking for more inspirational pins I’m going to pin to a board and forget about. This goal is about going through my pins and rediscovering the reasons I pinned them in the first place. Everyone pins things they want to save for later, but how often do you go back to them when you’re lacking some motivation? If you’re me? That answer is never. It’s time to re-discover my passions.

  10. Review 10 Books This Year

    If you did’t know, I started reviewing books for Indie Sage PR. I loved it because not only do I get to read free books in exchange for a review, I get to experience new and upcoming authors. I’ve discovered new authors that have become fast favorites.
    P.S. you don’t have to be a blogger to review books.

  11. Listen to the Writing Excuses Podcast 2x per Week

    If you know anything about the big names in epic fantasy or serial comics, then you know the names Brandon Sanderson and Howard Taylor. These aren’t the only two hosts of the widely famous weekly podcast, but they are my favorites. Each week, these industry experts hit on a new topic related to writing, editing, publishing and marketing. They are into their twelfth season, but I am only on season 7. Yes, I have listened to every episode, and I’m going to keep going until I’m current.

  12. Complete 1 Writing Challenge.

    I haven’t decided what type of challenge this will be, or when I will do it, but I am going to do it.

  13. Complete NaNoWriMo

    This year, I will plan for NaNoWriMo early, I will commit to daily writing, and I will meet that goal. If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, just visit their site to get up to date.

This list is in no way exhaustive, but this is where I am for now. I will keep this post updated with relevant links to the posts I write about each goal. So let’s pat ourselves on the backs and high-five to a productive and happy 2018!

What are your 2018 Writing Goals?

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