Bianca Dean

My Bio

My story is simple – I was born in New Jersey in 1986. I was an extremely shy child – never seen or heard, just watching from the background. I learned to observe people – the things they said, the way they said it and very early I began to wonder why people say and do the things they do. I was captivated by the words people mumbled under their breath but refused to say aloud. What if’s became my favorite things to think about.

I started living in my head – and the home was always, “what if I said this?” Too shy to ever say what I was actually feeling, I began to write down the things I should have said, how I should have said it, and how much different my life would’ve become.

It took me a long time to give the little voice in my head words to say aloud, but when I put pen to paper, I realized there was a lot more going on around me and in my head than I thought. Thus began my life as a writer.

I divide my life into two: the time before I started writing, and after. I’m happy and proud to say I’m doing what I love, now it’s time to commit myself to do more of it. I started my writing career writing short stories for myself, and eventually evolved to erotic fiction. I’ve published three books and have more on the way.

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