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Being a Writer is Hard Work – Thank You to My Fans
Being a Writer is Hard Work

Being a Writer is Hard Work – Thank You to My Fans

Being a Writer is Hard Work

Every writer, at least I think every writer is terrified that what they write won’t be good enough. We agonize over our words and stay up late at night trying to imagine something clever or sexy or engaging enough to keep elevate our stories to the next level. We write and rewrite and still rewrite hoping that maybe, jut maybe, this time we got it right, and someone – anyone will appreciate or even like what we’ve created.

Sometimes we let others read it and give us feedback. Sometimes we hide our work under our pillows to make sure no one sees it before its finished.

It’s hard being a writer. We spend our days pouring our heart and soul into the pages we write, only to later have a reviewer say, “this sucks” or, “I didn’t like it”.

For everyone that loves to read, or has a favorite writer, or found that one book that has forever changed their lives…tell the author. Let them know. We read all of our reviews, and you have no idea what reading your thoughts does for us.

I am telling you from experience that vague criticism or feedback is worse than no criticism. What didn’t you like? Why did it suck? What could I have done better? How were you confused? You didn’t like how I spelled a name?! My characters aren’t “black enough”? What?!

So this post is a shout out to all of my amazing readers that took the time to read my work and leave me feedback. And even if you didn’t leave feedback, thanks for filling your valuable time with my words.

There was a time when – on hiatus after Distractions – I felt like everything else I wrote would be terrible. I knew Distractions wasn’t the next great American erotic novel, but still. I was worried.

Right before I started writing Quarterback Sneak, I went back to Literotica, a site I still visit to this day, and reread what people had to say about my work. It truly did give me the push I needed to keep going.

Most authors struggle to find an audience – I already had one and was too afraid to give them more of what they wanted. I finally came to my senses.

One day, I will write a sequel to Distractions, but in the mean time, here is my shout out to all the amazing people that keep me going, even if they don’t know it.

Thank You for Your Reviews

These reviews are for Quarterback Sneak, Wanna Play? and Distractions.

The only words to describe this story are Hot Damn!! There was an actual plot, a good one, lots and lots of hot sex that did not get boring and two genuinely nice and normal people. Well done i will be re-reading this many times.


Such a Good Read!

This is the 3rd book, this month, that I have read that has a “college” setting and is IR. All 3 were great! For me, the author brought the male and female characters alive, reminding me of my college days (some). The love scenes were hot! The author was able to develop the story adequately for me to enjoy. There were some editing errors and I would have loved to see a little more development with the families on both sides. I have paid more money, for less pages, with horrible story lines… This book was inexpensive, almost 200 pages, and well written for the most part. Worth the money. I expect to hear more from this author.


love it

This was an awesome update and I love the characters even more!! Now can we get sequel to their life or possibly Will’s!!

Nakeya Johnson

Well Developed – Quick Read

In just two pages, you created two distinct characters with clear motivations and an engaging story with a well-written, love scene, with just the right amount of play, romance, and dominance from the male. This is what good romance novels are made of for me. Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to reading the rest of your stories in longer formats.

Best wishes!


Very nice, very sweet…Great writing!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story! I’m now going to check to see if you’ve written anything else and read them all, and if you haven’t please write more soon!



This was an amazing story. It brought back a lot of memories for me about me and my best friend. I have read all your stories! I love all of them. Will there be a part 2 of wanna play? Ag please write a part 2! Pretty please


love it

i just love the way u write, keep it up



I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to say how awesome this story is. I sitting in my room truly awestruck by your writing. You’re just Bomb!!!!


Great story!!

Okay, first off, I commend you for putting your art out there for everyone to critique, especially something that doesn’t fit into a pretty little romance box (and I mean that as a compliment). It’s not an easy thing, trust me, I know! And you work so hard on something…only to have a few tear it down in just a few minutes, can be irritating. So, kudos to you for continuing to update this great story!!

Now…on to Red and Gavin…who by the way, are soooo hot together. I love the whole friendship/lovers aspect of it. When you feel that person knows so much about you already, only adds to the passion. And it’s definitely a story that gets you hooked…and doesn’t let go!! Fantastic job!!!



keep doing your thing!

hey ive been reading the comments and frankly i disagree with the negative ones. you have great talent so ignore those and keep up the good work sugar. as a budding writer i applaud your ability to reach this far, cant wait to read this chapter


This chapter has me both admiring your story line and character development and trying to keep from moaning out loud. It’s not often that a writer can accomplish these two things at once: a fantastically written story with real characters and hot, hot, HOT action!! Gavin and Red are great together, and I love the antagonism- it just makes it that much sweeter when they finally do get together. You are a wonderful writer with a lot of promise, so keep up the lovely work 🙂


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