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Blog Topics for Authors
Blog Topics for Authors

Blog Topics for Authors

List of Blog Topics for Authors

As a writer, it can be difficult to find things to blog about. I struggle with trying to find out what people want to read, and what will help me with my writing. So, when looking for a list of things for authors to blog about, I found some really great topics. I wanted to share some of the things I found with you, as well as a few of my own topics. Eventually, I would like to get to 50.

Keep in mind, these don’t have to just be posts on your blog, you can post these anywhere. They each make for great Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr topics and posts.

Are there any you think I should add?

 Blog Topics for Authors

  1. List and discuss favorite books, book covers, characters, authors
  2. Where do you get your ideas?
  3. Do you write with music?
  4. Book Reviews
  5. Show edited vs. unedited pages from your work
  6. How do you stay involved?
  7. Are you an outliner or a set-of-your-pants writer?
  8. Keeping things organized
  9. Where do you characters come from?
  10. Mission as a writer? What do you hope readers will take away?
  11. Writing giveaway – bookmarks, pens, writers box
  12. Talk about show from a writer’s perspective
  13. Writer fashion – what do you like to wear when writing?
  14. Talk about the setting. Is it real?
  15. Top 5 heroes and heroines
  16. Do you do research for your writing? What interesting things have you discovered?
  17. Pseudonyms
  18. Favorite industry blogs
  19. Your process for brainstorming
  20. Myths about writers
  21. Character names
  22. Developing a thick skin
  23. Why you write in a particular category/genre
  24. Choosing a setting
  25. Choosing a title
  26. Adding depth to your writing
  27. Blog design
  28. Favorite stationary to use when writing
  29. Favorite writing programs
  30. Excerpts from your book
  31. Back story of your work – what inspired you to write it?
  32. Interview with your editor
  33. Do you use beta readers? What has been your experience
  34. Character interviews
  35. Interview with marketers
  36. Interviews with reader
  37. Advice for other writers
  38. Common obstacles
  39. Self interview
  40. Emotional challenges
  41. Lessons learned
  42. Show deleted scenes

Now that you’ve got things to blog about, make sure that you keep to a writing schedule so that your blog posts are consistent and your site is updated on a regular basis. Check out the Wicked With Ink Weekly Writing Planner.

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