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Author Interview – Reese Galloway

Reese Galloway

Meet Reese Galloway. He really likes magic. I came across Reese when reviewing his books, Private Performance and Repeat Performance, books 1 and 2 in his Sleight of Hand Series. I have to say, that I’m not the biggest fan of magic, I can appreciate it, but I wouldn’t say that I’m super enthusiastic about it. I was, however, wondering ... Read More »

Author Interview – The Online Stalker

Author Interview - The Online Stalker

Author Interview – The Online Stalker I discovered this incredibly talented writer on Literotica, and then later on Twitter @OnlineStalker20. I had discovered Beautiful Stranger, an interracial romance, when searching for my favorite types of stories on Lit. Her stories are full of emotion and complex characters. Thankfully, I came across her work. She has kindly agreed to be interviewed ... Read More »

Author Interview – Kaia Bennett

Author Interview - Kaia Bennett Author of Sunday

Author Interview – Kaia Bennett, Author of Sunday Here is another author I discovered on Literotica. I have to tell you, there is some truly great talent on that site, and if you’re looking for someplace to get your feet wet and explore, or to find a great story for free, you should check it out. I think the first ... Read More »

Author Interview – Nathan Little

Author Interview with Nathan Little, author of Contact

Meet Nathan. He is a cross genre writer. He answered every question I asked, and that makes him pretty awesome. Check out his Author Interview. He is a cross genre writer who works primarily works in Science Fiction and Fantasy, but also dabbles in Thrillers and Suspense. He uploads either a chapter, part, or short story every week. Currently he ... Read More »

Author Interview – Golden Angel

On His Knees by Golden Angel. Used for Author Interview - Golden Angel

As an author, I’m always wondering how other writers come up with their ideas and how they write. So I decided to start asking the authors I wanted to talk to if they would be up for an author interview, and luckily a few of them said yes. I first came across Golden Angel, the author of The Stronghold series ... Read More »