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Reader Interviews

Reader Interview – Michelle

Reader Interview

Meet Michelle. She’s awesome and she gives excellent answers. To see more Reader Interviews, click here. If you are looking for Author Interviews, they are right here. Tell us something about yourself (age, interests, location…). My name is Michelle. I am 34, self employed and a part time university student. I’m single and still waiting for prince charming to sweep ... Read More »

Reader Interview – The Flaneur

Reader Interview

Meet The Flaneur. He likes to read, and pester me on Twitter. I’m happy to say that thanks to Twitter, I have met some very interesting and people, fans of my work, and even some that have no clue what I’ve written. But that’s the whole point of social media, right? To be social and talk about the things you ... Read More »

Reader Interview – Simone K.

Reader Interview

Meet Simone. She likes to read, and she did a Reader Interview for me. I think it’s important for writers to understand how their readers think. Most writers like to focus on what other authors focus on, while not taking the time to get to know their readers. While I think it’s important to have an open dialogue with authors ... Read More »