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New Writer Alert – Koi Inazuma

Meet Wicked With Ink’s Newest Writer – Koi Inazuma   Having grown up in the frequently overlooked rural area of Northern New Jersey, I often found myself writing out of boredom. It occupied the wide spaes of free time that existed between my other hobbies such as Dragon hunting, bear wrangling and mastering the art of psychokenesis. After such days, ... Read More »

Why Every Erotic Writer Should Self-Publish a Book

If you, as an erotic writer, self-publish an erotic book, you will stand out, make some money, grow your fan base, understand your erotic niche better and get a better handle on what readers want from you. Who is Self-Publishing For? Why Erotica Writers Should Self-Publish Material to Self-Publish Who is Self-Publishing For? Self-publishing is for anyone. Literally. Little to ... Read More »

Comeback by Jevon Maxwell

Comeback The results of a handicap tear apart a park one early morning; a lone stranger the only one in the audience who truly wishes to live beyond it. by Jevon Maxell   One of the greater novelties of an epiphany is that you always take something away from the experience. In this case, I was lucky enough to tow ... Read More »

New Writer Alert – Meet Deanne

Meet Wicked With Ink’s Newest Writer Deanne Curley I am 27 years old, born and raised in Jersey and I just started writing. Description: Since July 16, 1969, when man first walked on the moon, Earth has been monitored by beings from another world. For years they documented every achievement and every tragedy of the human race. Fascinated by the ... Read More »

New Writer Alert – Meet Jevon

Meet Wicked With Ink’s Newest Writer Jevon Jevon Maxwell is a freelance writer who holds a Bachelors Degree in Interactive Media Design from The New England Institute of Art. Writing for only a few years, he focuses his energies on writing fiction and content for the web. He is currently based in Walden, NY. You can see all of his ... Read More »

Dinner – New Work From Jevon

Dinner A girl’s mild mannered aunt slips back into old habits when her husband refuses to pay back a loan to start his business. A prologue for a short story due in the near future.The first flash fiction of many, I’ve submitted this for your enjoyment. By Jevon Maxwell Laura could practically feel the demon that was coming out in ... Read More »

New Writer Alert – Meet John Emery

Meet Wicked With Ink’s Newest Writer John Emery My name’s John Emery, I’m 23 born and raised in Union County, New Jersey. However, none of those things really matter. I am the vocalist/lyricist for my band Winter Day. We released our debut record, “Acceptance” in June of 2011 and are writing a follow-up entitled, “From Nothing Comes Nothing” to be ... Read More »

Selfish & Tired – New Work From John Emery

Selfish & Tired By John Emery There is not a single doubt in my mind That we will meet in another life An we will do this all again Maybe it’s what even keeps me going on in this life some days Yet we will have lost all the lessons we learned here And we will do it all again ... Read More »

Writing Prompt #002

Inspiration Through Writing Prompts In this post, I will present you with a writing prompt. Try to answer the prompt in 300 to 500 words. You can post your response as a comment, or you can write it in our forums. Not only will this get your creative juices flowing, but it should also give the Wicked With Ink community ... Read More »

We Meet Again

We Meet Again By Morgan Good day jolly chap! My good old friend! I see you’ve come To visit again But you know me well And it hasn’t been long Ever-dying angels Still sing the same song So there you are Waiting at my door As heartless and callous As ever before I’m not very partial To letting you in ... Read More »