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Day 24 – Five Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh – 30 Day Writing Challenge
Day 24 - Five Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh 30 Day Writing Challenge

Day 24 – Five Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Day 24 – Five Words/Phrases That Make You Laugh

30 Day Writing Challenge

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One of my favorite things to do is laugh. I have a strange sense of humor, and you can usually find me laughing at something that popped into my head. When I’m asked why I’m laughing, it’s usually hard to put into words, making the entire situation even funnier to me. So, today’s post for the 30 Day Writing Challenge – Five Words or Phrases That Make Me Laugh.

  1.  Real Talk – what does that even mean? As if talking isn’t real. As some people can fake talk. This one gets me every time.
  2. 50 Shades of Cray Cray – I don’t remember where I first heard this, but it made me laugh for like ten minutes. I’m not sure if it’s because, for me, Fifty Shades was laughable or if it’s because I think of someone in a dark room trying to be Fifty Shades and what they are trying is just crazy.
  3. Milieu – This one is strange because it is a real word. But you have to hearthebackstory. Oh, you want to hear it now? OK, well, I’m in the hospital working and we need to call a code for one of the patients in my unit (that means the shit is hitting the fan, and we need all hands on deck).A new Resident comes rushing into the unit, pushingpeopleout of the way. Now, I have to say that in my unit, we are all kind of like rock stars. We call codes so that the surgeons we work with know that one of their patients is sliding downhill. We rarely use the help that shows up – it’s more of a formality to call an overhead code. Most people at this point know this, but this young, go-getting Resident does not. So, as he’s elbowing nurses in the chest to get to the patient, he starts shouting “CLEAR THE MILIEU! I NEED SPACE!” Now, as medical professionals in the midst of a medical emergency, we didn’t stop to ask him what the hell he was talking about.We continue to do what we need to do, while he continues screaming. Suddenly, one of the surgeons appears, and the Resident seems so pleased, because, finally, someone will show him the respect he deserves as a doctor, right? Wrong. The Chief Surgeon literally puts his hands on the Resident’s shoulders and moves himout of the way. As the Resident is sputtering, one of the nurses yells, “Thank God, he cleared the milieu!” We all descended into laughter as we continued to work our best to safe the patient’s life.Small note with this story – working in healthcare, we see and do a lot of things most people cannot handle. We need, and seek out any opportunity we can to lighten situations so that the unbearable reality of what we are doing does not get in the way of what we need to do in order to save a life. If you cant understand why or how a bunch of nurses and medical professionals could chuckle while working hard to save a life, then clearly, you are not in medicine, nor have you had an in-depth conversation with a nurse or doctor.
  4. Egads – I’m not sure if I find this word funny, or if it just pissed me off. Remind me to tell you of the time when a famous published author replied with “Egads!” When I told her that I write erotica. I could have punched her.
  5. Forty Dolla Holla – This is an oldie, but a goodie. This one was told to me, on the way to Upstate New York, by a friend. Apparently, if you have forty dollars and call a shady phone number, a phone rings in Queens. When that phone rings, as long as you can answer the questions in Spanish, you will get the holla. Thus, the forty dolla holla. (It means that for forty dollars you can call over some sketchy hookers).

What words or phrases make you laugh?

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