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Dual Personalities on Tumblr

Dual Personalities on Tumblr

I just realized that I never explained why I created two different Tumblr accounts. If you hadn’t noticed, then here is your notice. I have two different Tumblr accounts.

I decided to change things up a bit. I wanted my original Tumblr to be for all things inspirational. Wink, wink. But as I was falling all over the Tumblr-sphere, I found some really awesome writing blogs and posts. Not really wanting to mix them, I created Bianca Dean Author.

Wicked With Bianca Dean will still be for the more wicked parts of my mind, but Bianca Dean Author will be for the author in me. Now everyone can be happy.

So basically:

Wicked With Bianca Dean – NSFW

Bianca Dean Author – for all things literary



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Bianca Dean is a writer from NYC. She's specialized in writing, marketing and graphic design.