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It’s easy to lose yourself

Five months ago, I posted an update on this site, and that’s insane. It’s insane because I can remember how happy I was that so many awesome things were coming up; I’d finished the first draft of Distracted, I had a ton of ideas for more stories, and I was starting a new job. I’m still happy. But, somewhere along the way, I got a little lost.

Polishing up Distracted got pushed to the back burner. I started saying, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, everyday. I put all of my attention, focus and energy into my new job, and I lost sight of the things I love to do. Suddenly, the thought of hanging out with my friends was exhausting. Re-reading Distracted sounded painful. Brainstorming ideas and sketching plot lines seemed – dull.

I don’t ever want to feel like that again. Writing has always been the thing that makes me feel the most comfortable, the most…me, and somewhere during the last few months, I lost that feeling. Now, I’m not saying don’t focus on your job, or take time out for yourself, but you can’t forget to do the things you love. Because if you keep pushing it off until tomorrow, or later, you’ll eventually forget what it’s like to be happy – to be yourself, and enjoy the things you create.

It took a random email from my publicist asking about Distracted, for me to look at a calendar and see how long it’s been. It made me realize that if I don’t act now, I probably never will, even though I have so many ideas and characters floating around in my head.

Don’t get lost.

It took me awhile, but I’m trying. Distracted finally has a release date – October 13, 2015, and I’m working to finish up my plot outlines for the next WIP. I’m feeling excited again, and that makes me smile.

If I get lost again, reach out and pull me back. Sometimes, we all need a little shove in the right direction.

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