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Merry Christmas! – Happy Editing

Merry Christmas everyone!

I can’t believe how fast this year flew by. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to decide if I should re-work Quarterback Sneak for release and I was still wrestling with the beast that is Distractions. Well, it’s the end of December, and I’ve managed to get both things done. Distractions will be out January 27, 2015. I have finally submitted the final draft for pre-order status.

Does anyone else have a problem with editing? I feel like every single time I go over all 200 pages, it’s the best it can be. Then, I take a day, print it out and start all over. And the marks start all over again. But, I think I’m finally done. I hope I’m finally done. I think I will look over it one more time and then put it down – for real.

On the plus side, as my Christmas present to myself, I get to start working on Distracted, Book 2 of Red and Gavin’s story, and I am also tying up loose ends with Complicated. I am sooo excited, and you should be too, because that means more books for you!

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