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Musings of a Writer

So, I’m sitting here on a Saturday night, banging away at my keyboard while, Scandal plays in the background, because why not, right? I’m working on Distracted, the next book in Gavin and Red’s story, and I’m writing a scene. I finish and go back to make sure that I haven’t left out any majors words in the sentences. I do that often. My mind goes so fast with what I want to say, that sometimes my fingers can’t keep up. Anywho, I’m reading and then I realize…wait. No one ‘snaps their phone shut’. No one ‘grips the receiver of the phone’. We don’t snap our phones anymore, and we don’t hold receivers…we just hold the phone, or we push the little button (if there even is a button anymore, to hang up).

It’s crazy. Its like the way things are in my head, they are already outdated. I went to write another scene and I was like, well how the hell is she going to know that? Do you know that I agonized over this for like 25 minutes and then I was like, duh, the Internet.

I don’t know, I just thought I would share how my writer mind is working right now. Time for coffee and a cig. I only seem to get creative after the sun goes down.

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