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New Story Ideas

I Need Your Help

I’ve got some new story ideas, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I just want to bounce some ideas off of you. Tell me, what you think of them – which ones you like and which ones you don’t. Email me (dont.test.me554 at gmail dot com) or tweet me (@BiancaDeanInk) or just leave a comment below. I *will* answer you.

Some New Story Ideas

Okay, so here goes:

  1. 5 guys, 1 girl, 1 house…yum. I’m thinking that they should be roommates, and each one should get their own story. Not sure if they should be involved with each other.
  2. Best friends have an accidental hookup. Not the she tripped and he fell, but more of the drunk at a party, they hookup, what happens next.
  3. 3 best friends: 2 guys, 1 girl. Girl moves back home after school the guys start fighting over her. Who does she choose? Why should she choose?
  4. 1 woman, no money, answers strange newspaper ad…

How do they sound? I think I really like #3. Something about two guys fighting for one girl gets me all happy inside.

Let me know.


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  1. I am definitely interested in story 1 and 3. Now that my request hAs been put in, I’m waiting exactly 24 hours for a new story. Lol

  2. Hey Jen,
    Thanks for responding. Actually 1 & 3 are my favorites. I already started trying to work out the logistics of #1. A little complicated, but I think I can do it….unfortunately, it may take a little more than 24 hours. lol.


  3. I think I like 2&3 better! BTW I’m still waiting on a epilogue part deaux lol oh and Will’s story lol

    • Hey Kiki,
      I have to admit. I think all of them are hot. I started on #1, but I totally have an idea for #2 already. I happened upon some inspiration…maybe I will make #2 into a short story…hmmm.

      As for Will…it sounds like a good idea.