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Quarterback Sneak Available on Amazon

Quarterback Sneak Available on Amazon So, like I said, I am totally excited! Quarterback Sneak is finally available on Amazon. Now, the story is an expanded edition, so you can expect to find the same story, just with more interactions between Galynn and Alceo. I love, and I’m super happy with it, I just hope that you are too! You ... Read More »

Finally! Quarterback Sneak for the Kindle

What happens to a writer when they stop planning how and when they are going to write? Well, this writer fell into the black hole of time flying by, and getting no writing done. Sooo, as a result, I have renewed my passion for writing, and am working on getting things done. (Yay me). Hopefully. And some good news. Quarterback ... Read More »

Craziest Sex Headlines of 2012 (So Far…)

Craziest Sex Headlines of 2012 (So Far…) By: Bianca Dean [hr] Hulkamania Hits the Bedroom…For All to See Yes, Hulk Hogan joins the ranks of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kanye West. For thirty minutes and seventeen seconds, Hulkamaniacs all over the world get to see their childhood hero drilling who appears to be a friend’s ... Read More »

Believe It – Bianca Dean

Believe It by: Bianca Dean [hr] You said it I said it We made it You created, spoke and weaved I trusted, fell and believed She told me I ignored her You reassured me I hate you Poor thing, you victim It’s my fault I ditched them Guilt will make you move The voice you used to soothe Now the ... Read More »


Overtime Secretary thinks she’s doing overtime gets assigned more work than she’s willing to do. by: Jeleane [hr]   Patrick Slater stood over his secretary “Mrs. Ramsden.” Viola Jean looked up from her computer at the man standing before her desk. “Yes, Mr. Slater?” She responded. “Have you begun the spreadsheet project I asked you to work on three weeks ... Read More »


haymaker by: Adam moursy [hr] waking up at high noon to an ensemble of threats: a shrill sounding alarm, burning retinas, parched insides. and what’s this? a scurrilous message had been delivered via telephone: “hey, motherfucker. it was a bad idea to stick up for that coward last night. you haven’t seen the last of me. better watch your back.” ... Read More »

today’s headlines (July 13, 2012)

today’s headlines (July 13, 2012) by: Adam Moursy [hr] Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter Man Jumps To Death From George Washington Bridge Wendy’s Pervert Hands Out Kiddie Porn With Food Funeral Home Adds Starbucks, Complete With Baristas Tom Won’t Pay Lump Sum To Katie Surfing Goats Ride Waves In California Frazzled Poet Needs A Damn Drink Read More »

The Session

The Session by: Nero Phillips [hr] His eyes darted back and forth over the parking lot as he pulled between the two moving vans. The door squeaked open as he stared at the old building with iron bars and curtains. His entire body shook. They say that happens after awhile, and it’s been nine days without a woman – or ... Read More »

Independence Day

Independence Day by: Adam Moursy [hr] give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, cries the pale ghost of Lady Liberty. and even though we’ve given that and so much more, the stakes continue to rise, like smoke bellowing out from the sewers of some forgotten land. gone are the days of wealth and prosperity. gone are the days ... Read More »

we’ll be alright, tonight

we’ll be alright, tonight by: Adam Moursy [hr] ran into an old friend, Jerry, on Grand, just before midnight. “hey buddy, long time. how’s it going?” “holding up,” he said, “I had an interview before at some restaurant, French Vietnamese.” “any luck?” “doubt it. they said they’d call back, but nobody wants me. that was the fifth interview this week. ... Read More »