Guess What?

Summer’s Here

summer’s here by: Adam Moursy [hr] the temperature rises and the days drag on and the people flood the parks to greet the blazing sun and the men run laps and the women bask and the young play ball and the old seek shade the flowers and trees look on without interest I sit among them and wait Read More »

Eric’s Prisioners – Nero Phillips

Eric’s Prisoners The first in a series – this appeared in the Tickling Media Forum in late 2005, as well as on DeviantArt. The sequel will be coming soon. Dedicated to Bianca – thank you for your kind words and having me on your website! by: Nero Phillips [hr] Chapter One Eric awoke to the grate and hiss of the ... Read More »

Rush – Dwan Williams

Rush A girl returns home after a rendezvous and recalls the past night’s experience. by: Dawn Williams [hr] It is early afternoon. I’m on the train home, and I’m drifting off to sleep. I don’t want to sleep because I feel like I’ll lose my senses for a moment, thinking about every bit of pleasure that has run through me ... Read More »

a good sport

a good sport by: Adam Moursy [hr] I trim. I trim almost everywhere, so as not to look like a big ogre. anyhow, one morning I decided to just wipe up all that hair with paper towels and then flush it. of course, this caused the toilet to clog. I plunged and plunged and plunged, but it didn’t take. fuck ... Read More »

so long, King

so long, King by: Adam Moursy [hr]   Rodney King died last Sunday, twenty years after the acquittal of his uniformed attackers sparked the L.A. riots, which caused 53 deaths, over 2,000 injuries, and nearly $1 billion in financial losses. he was found at the bottom of his swimming pool in Rialto. the responding officers tried to revive him, but ... Read More »

Not So Scarlet

Not So Scarlet by: Adam Moursy [hr] I always knew redheads were trouble, but this one was even worse than most. a self-proclaimed “brat,” she carried on about life’s minor curveballs and had this constant look of disinterest, rolling her eyes over and over to drive the point home. at twenty years old, I couldn’t really blame her, especially since ... Read More »

Disclaimer (to those who should know)

Disclaimer (to those who should know) by: Adam Moursy [hr] I reserve the right to not care, to speak in terms vulgar, and to raise a fist when necessary. I reserve the right to sleep until noon, and not be on time for any event or personal affair. I reserve the right to disappear without notice. I reserve the right ... Read More »

Forsaken by Adam Moursy

forsaken by: Adam Moursy [hr] by God, where did she go? it’s been a week and still no word. I’ve tried to shrug off my melancholia with sad songs, beer and the daily ballgame, but it’s no use. then there’s her fedora, which she left in the living room, and a pair of pink panties under the bed. I always ... Read More »

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent by Lamar Legend [hr] This was their chance. They both knew it. Somehow, instinctively, they had known that this very second — with the roar of thunder well past overture, and the rush of wind and rain rattling the white-washed walls of a country church — that this was it. Their moment. Now or never. While the rest ... Read More »

An Aisle in Suncook’s General Store

An Aisle in Suncook’s General Store by Lamar Legend [hr] It was a Tuesday afternoon, at around 1:55 PM when Daniel and Mr Suncook’s son, Blue, had exchanged grain. Daniel shouldn’t have even been there. He always got the groceries on Sundays like everybody else in town; though he didn’t at all care for the crowds. And it was because ... Read More »