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On And About The Woes of a Broken Doll

On And About The Woes of a Broken Doll by: Morgan Ash   On And About The Woes Of A Broken Doll Can I dare… take this pen to this page… No, I do not, for fear of what may spill from the depths of my subconscious… Hidden somewhere far within my soul, a voice whimpers… Weeps for a savior, ... Read More »

Chase – by Dwan Williams

Chase A young woman is publicly pursued by a handsome stranger. By: Dwan Williams [hr] You stare at him from across the room. You try not to make eye contact, but it is so difficult to do when he looks so handsome – all clean-shaven with closely cropped hair and tanned skin. You remember that his eyes are brown, deep ... Read More »

Vinegar – Part One

Vinegar – Part One Cecilia is a young woman who struggles to deal with the past events of her life while trying to move on as a single mother. by: Dwan Williams [hr] “Why don’t you put your hair down?” It was the umpteenth time he asked me that question that day. I felt like giving him a punch in ... Read More »


Inhuman Flash Fiction by: Dwan Williams A girl reflects on the disadvantages of having a sexual relationship with someone that she loves. [hr]   He left me dripping wet, my juices sluicing down my flesh as his finger slithered between my thighs. I knew that I would beg him for more if he let me, but I was too consumed ... Read More »

Anonymous by Royce Jones

Anonymous By: Royce Jones Royce Jones is a 35 year old author and musician currently living in Massachusetts. [hr] Shanna worked from her home as a website consultant. She had just finished designing an adult website for a client, and was taking some well deserved downtime. As she was taking care of things around her house, images kept creeping into ... Read More »

Wyoming Sky

Wyoming Sky by: Jason Morgan [hr] The morning sun coming through the window woke Jake from his slumber. While the fog of sleep still blanketed him, he wondered where he was. As he awoke, he remembered he was in Wyoming at his uncle’s ranch. Bill, and Suzanne weren’t technically his uncle, and aunt. Bill and his dad were second cousins, ... Read More »

Under the Stars

Under The Stars by Davia [hr] “Stop moving so I could finish your eye makeup” complained Sandy, my best friend.  I was so nervous as I sat at let Sandy paint my face with makeup.  We were getting ready for the annual Sock Hop dance to kick off the new school year.  We were seniors this year so this was ... Read More »

New Writer Alert – Koi Inazuma

Meet Wicked With Ink’s Newest Writer – Koi Inazuma   Having grown up in the frequently overlooked rural area of Northern New Jersey, I often found myself writing out of boredom. It occupied the wide spaes of free time that existed between my other hobbies such as Dragon hunting, bear wrangling and mastering the art of psychokenesis. After such days, ... Read More »

The Night of Storms by Koi Inazuma

The Night of Storms An Erotica Poem by: Koi Inazuma [hr] Lightning Sparks the tips of our tongues The place where they meet Thunder Roars in our ears, drowning The world in passion Storm clouds Erasing my judgement He starts heading South Strong winds Now make my heart flutter His hands move slowly Typhoons Of pleasure flow through me My ... Read More »

Imagining by Tatiana Ward

Midnight calls me like a siren. I rise from my slumber and fall to the floor, the room is shaking, the room is shaking. Or is it just the power of my heart about to beat out of my chest? With no thoughts for my well being I slowly amble to the back door. A tiny layer of glass between ... Read More »