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Submit Your Work Now to Wicked With Ink Now, it is easier than ever to submit your work to Wicked With Ink. Just fill out the form below. Please make sure that you have read over the Submission Guidelines. Your Name(required) Title of Your Work(required) Description of Your Submission(required) Email(valid email required) Website Submission Upload(required) Message   cforms contact form ... Read More »

Writing Prompt #002

Inspiration Through Writing Prompts In this post, I will present you with a writing prompt. Try to answer the prompt in 300 to 500 words. You can post your response as a comment, or you can write it in our forums. Not only will this get your creative juices flowing, but it should also give the Wicked With Ink community ... Read More »

New Writer Alert – Meet Morgan

Meet Wicked With Ink’s Newest Writer: Morgan Hello! My name is Morgan and I am 22 years old. Born and raised in NJ, I began writing when I was about 13. Though I can write in many different styles, I have found the most comfort in composing dark poetry. My purpose as a writer is to bring my thoughts to ... Read More »

We Meet Again

We Meet Again By Morgan Good day jolly chap! My good old friend! I see you’ve come To visit again But you know me well And it hasn’t been long Ever-dying angels Still sing the same song So there you are Waiting at my door As heartless and callous As ever before I’m not very partial To letting you in ... Read More »

Top Tips for Writing Erotica

Are you trying to conquer your first piece of erotic fiction? Well, take it from someone who has been there and done that, it is not as intimidating as it sounds. If you don’t feel like you are an especially sexual or passionate person, this can be to your advantage. Usually, those who do not lead extravagantly sexual lives can ... Read More »

Top Tips for Writing Fiction

Still trying to get those first words on paper? Or worse yet, do you have those first words on paper but you refuse to look at them, or let anyone else see what you’ve done? Well, get over it, we all have problems writing, some of us are better at hiding it than other (present company not included). Here are ... Read More »

‘Distractions’ Coming Soon to Wicked With Ink

‘Distractions’ will be making it’s presence known on Wicked With Ink.   I just wanted to let everyone know that Distractions will be coming soon to Wicked With Ink. This version will include all chapters, but this will be the new edited version. The chapters will be edited for both content and grammatical errors. But don’t worry too much, you ... Read More »

Writing Inspiration Tip #003

Inspiration Through Writing Prompts So, this time instead of telling you something that you may possibly already know, I decided to go a different route. In this post, I will present you with a writing prompt. Try to answer the prompt in 300 to 500 words. You can post your response as a comment, or you can write it in ... Read More »

Piracy on Amazon

Piracy on Amazon

Piracy on Amazon By: Whitney Holley Updated: June 29, 2014 Plagiarism and piracy on Amazon is still a problem two years after this post was originally written. Check out this story from Indie, The Problem With Plagiarism and what happened to author Dylan Cross. Before I had seen this post by Adam Penenberg on the Fast Company website, I ... Read More »

Fire in the Dojo

Fire In The Dojo Jason Morgan Chapter 1 Ring of Fire Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the martial arts academy where I learned so much more than self-defense. It made me stronger though, the tests were extremely rigorous and the tribulations ever-present. What could trouble a student of martial arts to such an extent, save a complicated arm-bar or perhaps those tricky break-falls? ... Read More »