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11 Strange Ways to Be a Better Writer

11 Strange Ways to Be a Better Writer People, including myself, are always looking for better ways to improve their writing. No, you don’t have to go out and buy a book or some fancy web-seminar. If you want to improve your writing the old fashioned way, just read on. So, onto how to be a better writer. 11 Strange ... Read More »

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 1

Update: An extended edition of Quarterback Sneak is now available for purchase. You can find it here. Quarterback Sneak Alceo Russell is looking for something different and is surprised when he finds exactly what he is looking for. By Bianca Dean Chapter 1 Galynn sat in a warm booth in the university coffee shop and stared up at the flat ... Read More »

My Fear of Writing and How I’m Trying to Overcome it.


My Fear of Writing and How I’m Trying to Overcome it. Is it a lack of motivation? So, Ive been thinking – am I the only one that gets motivated, starts writing, gets halfway through a story and then stops? Is it because of a lack of inspiration? No. I’m always inspired. Is it because I don’t have the time? ... Read More »

New Submission From Jason Morgan

Here is our first official submission from new author, Jason Morgan. Non-erotic, fiction Let me know how you like it! Shadows of the Night Prologue It was a cold and foggy night in downtown Portland, one of those nights that nobody wanted to be out, nobody that is but the city’s thugs, thieves and trouble makers. In the Burnside district, ... Read More »

Writing Inspiration Tip #002

Writing Inspiration Tip #002 Unlikely Places to Find Inspiration Inspiration can be irritating. When you need it, you can’t find it. When you least expect it, it bites you in the butt, be there’s no pen. You’ve probably sat for hours staring at your word processor’s cursor as it blinked at you, mocking the progress you haven’t made. For most, ... Read More »

Writing Inspiration Tip #001

Writing Inspiration Tip #001 Getting started is the hardest thing second only to keeping the ball rolling. So, here are a some ideas to help you to keep the creative juices flowing.   Descriptions Okay, this one isn’t about just talking about a doctor’s office or describing a chair. Yes, these can be boring, but the main point is to ... Read More »

Why are Werewolves So Popular?


Werewolves are everywhere. You can’t deny that. But what is the fascination with them? Big hairy dogs drooling and biting people is a far cry from the Superhero phase the media went through aggressively in the past ten years. Box Office Mojo. The focus has shifted from the All American Boy next door saving the world by ripping off his ... Read More »

Can Diagramming Sentences Make Me a Better Writer?

Can Diagramming Sentences Make Me a Better Writer? No one pays attention anymore. We are in the age of texting, Tweeting, and limited character space. Does anyone remember the grammar rules your 5th grade English teacher taught you? I do – mainly because she was a nun with a ruler and hard pieces of chalk she would hurl at your ... Read More »

Looking For New Writers

Yes, this site is new, but the point is to get your voices heard. Wicked With Ink is looking for new, and passionate writers. I am interested in all varieties of fiction genres, and am looking to showcase your work, or you can showcase it yourself by signing up and submitting your work for peer critique. Want to See What ... Read More »