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Quarterback Sneak Available on Amazon

Quarterback Sneak Available on Amazon

So, like I said, I am totally excited! Quarterback Sneak is finally available on Amazon. Now, the story is an expanded edition, so you can expect to find the same story, just with more interactions between Galynn and Alceo. I love, and I’m super happy with it, I just hope that you are too!

You can find the link to the book here: Quarterback Sneak.

Please, don’t forget to let me know what you think of it. Good or bad, I love feedback. Drop me a line by either emailing me (dont.test.me554 at gmail dot com), or tweeting me (@BiancaDeanInk), and I will answer you. Also, I guess it can’t help if you rate the story on Amazon too.

Review for Quarterback Sneak

I love Quarterback Sneak! I first discovered the story on literotica and when I was offered the opportunity to read the revised version…I couldn’t resist. I am a huge fan of Bianca Dean (aka HotSprings22 on literotica) she is a very talented writer. I love her stories, especially the new version of Quarterback Sneak (2014). Dean has created a love story that is intertwined with elements of eroticism and for the reader this makes for one hell of a steamy journey. The reader is introduced to Galynn Pierce, a shy young lady and Alceo Russell a popular jock. A series of unfortunate occurrences bring these two unlikely people together. They both struggle with the feeling of ‘am I good enough’…a feeling I think most people struggle with. I also love that together their passion and magnetic chemistry help them overcome peer pressure and social ideals. The new version of Quarterback Sneak has more scenes, details and an additional two chapters that include spontaneous and explosive sex scenes that new and old fans will love…hint, hint… there’s a movie theater scene that is HOT HOT HOT! There are a few typos and I did struggle with the pronunciation of Alceo…it’s pronounced…AL-see-oh. But overall the story was fantastic, the characters were well developed and there was a lot of detail…I couldn’t put this book down, it was over 100 pages of pure joy! I would highly recommend this book. The newly revised version of Quarterback Sneak gets my stamp of approval, two thumbs up and five stars!!!

I would also recommend to fans and novice writers to check out Bianca Dean’s social media sites (facebook, tumblr, twitter) and her website I really liked her ‘30 day writing challenge’ where fans get to know more of Bianca Dean the person.
– Michelle C





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