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Reader Interview – The Flaneur
Reader Interview

Reader Interview – The Flaneur

Meet The Flaneur. He likes to read, and pester me on Twitter.

I’m happy to say that thanks to Twitter, I have met some very interesting and people, fans of my work, and even some that have no clue what I’ve written. But that’s the whole point of social media, right? To be social and talk about the things you love. Well, I talk to Tom a lot, and he was actually the inspiration for me doing Reader Interviews. He had a lot of questions for me as a writer, and I realized that I had a lot of questions for him as a reader. Thankfully, has so graciously agreed to do a Reader Interview. Enjoy.

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  1. What authors do you recommend?
    I began reading erotica when the majority of it was written by a singularly versatile writer called Anonymous. Anonymous wrote a wide variety of erotica covering almost every imaginable fetish, in a variety of different voices. truly a spectacularly talented individual, most of the time.  Unfortunately his/her publications are few and far between. The majority of contemporary erotica is written by a colorful array of authors both professional and amateur. In a world where erotica is becoming socially acceptable there is no room for Anonymous, hiding in their dark and dank lair exorcising their perversions on a battered typewriter, sniggering contemptuously with every hammer of the space key.
  2. Where do I learn about new books and authors?
    Primarily the internet, possibly the local library, charities shops, recommendations from friends. My secret is my pet Gnome called Ralph. Ralph hates gardening which is unusual for a Gnome, his job is to keep me distracted and entertained so he will go off and find books movies and games to that end, if he fails he will end up pruning my petunias. like I said he hates gardening.
  3. What am I reading now?
    A variety of titles (Ralph has been particularly busy this last few weeks) DC comic’s, A clash of kings from the Game of Thrones series, The Three Musketeers and Jane Eyre, (Ralph threatened to slap me upside my head if I didn’t give it a go!)Not a lot of erotica there, but if all I read was erotica I would never see the light of day!!
  4. What makes you fall in love with a story?
    The smell, (joking). the characters are the most important aspect of any story. The plot of any story can be broken down with one or two words, love, revenge, tragedy or comedy etc. It’s the characters that drive the plot, the better and more interesting the characters the more chance they will drive the plot of their own accord, so that a romance becomes a comedy because a character become quite funny. So it’s the characters that for me are the most important aspect of any story.
  5. What is my favorite place to read?
    I can read anywhere as long as there are no other distractions. I need peace and quiet so that I can completely immerse my self in the story. Once I am immersed, I can pick up the book anytime and anywhere and the world around me will disappear. The difficulty is when the book ends and I’m not ready to return to the real world.
  6. Do I review books?
    I haven’t done so yet, I have reviewed bands, music, computer games and movies, but not books, I would give it a go though.
  7. What do I do with a book once I have finished with it?
    I give it back to Ralph, he’s making himself a house out my discarded books in my laundry room. I have okayed this on the proviso that he irons my socks and underwear.
  8. Tell us something about yourself (age, interests, location…).
    I’m getting old, I found a grey nasal hair. It’s bad enough having hair growing out of my nose but the fact that those hairs are turning grey, is really depressing. Normally I’m a positive glass is half full kind of guy, but pulling grey hair out of my nasal passages literally brought tears to my eyes. I’m feeling a little traumatized.
  9. What are your reading preferences (Kindle, physical paperback books)?
    I like the smell of books, old books, new books even note books. When the world has become digital and sanitized we will realize too late how much we appreciated the smell and texture of books.
  10. What do you like about erotica? What do you not like about erotica?
    That’s like asking what I like about literature, or music or even movies.  I like originality and imagination, I like being challenged, having my preconceptions challenged. This is what works about any art form, erotica is taboo because it has been deemed as inappropriate  by the more elitist aspects of our society. What’s great about about erotica is that as long as it is enjoyed by the few it will be more imaginative and experimental. What I don’t like about any art form is when it becomes formulaic. The same basic idea being churned out over and over again and all that’s changing is the window dressing. This is the danger of erotica becoming popularized. There will a demand for a particularly type of erotica and so writers of all shapes and sizes will desperately try to produce something that fits into a specific pigeon-hole.  In some respects fifty shades of gray, opened a lot of doors creating a demand for erotica and in-particular BDSM. For me, this reached its peak when I noticed one of the first BDSM books “The Story of O” on a shelf in my local super-market between Jodi Picoult and JK Rowling. The problem with this is that Fifty shades isn’t a particularly good book. So millions of potential readers across the globe have the idea that erotica is just about the sex with plot and characterization secondary considerations.
  11. What types of erotica do you prefer to read?
    One of the first erotic novels I ever read was called “Oh Wicked Country” about a woman who finds her Victorian sensibilities being challenged when she is abducted by aborigines in the Australian outback.  What I found most interesting about this book is that the main character isn’t really being forced, this isn’t a rape fantasy, it’s more about the character learning about herself and her sexuality and developing an understanding of sexuality in general. The character is willing to experiment and test her own limits because she feels safe to do so in that environment. That’s what I found most erotic about it and that’s what I look for in other erotica I read.

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