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Reader Interview – Michelle
Reader Interview

Reader Interview – Michelle

Meet Michelle. She’s awesome and she gives excellent answers.

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  1. Tell us something about yourself (age, interests, location…).
    My name is Michelle. I am 34, self employed and a part time university student. I’m single and still waiting for prince charming to sweep me off my feet. My day is normally pretty busy and stressful, so reading is a great escape.
  2. What are your reading preferences (Kindle, physical paperback books)?
    I do prefer to read physical copies of books. I like the smell of a book and the sound of pages turning while I’m reading. Plus a physical copy of a book never loses power.
  3. How do you decide what to buy/read? What influences your purchases?
    There are many factors that influence my decision to purchase/read a book. The price point is a major deciding factor for me. If the book is priced to high I do not purchase it. The cover page on a book and the title of a book can also influence my decision to purchase/read a book. Most book stores have books all piled up together on a table or lined up together on bookshelves. The same goes with online retailers since most books for sale are displayed in close proximity to one another. So, if the artwork stands out I will pick up/look at a book I never anticipated to buy. If the artwork on the cover page does not stand out, it will get loss in a sea of all the other books and I as the consumer will move on ( if I’m on my computer I will go …CLICK…NEXT). Additionally, titles of books can influence my decision to buy/read a book. If the title sounds weird, gross or to complicated I don’t even bother to pick it up and look at the summary. But if the title draws my attention and peeks my curiosity, I will definitely pick up, check it out and purchase a book I was not planning on buying.
  4. Which authors would you recommend to other readers?
    The authors I would recommend to readers include:
    a) Jane Austen- I love all her books, but if I had to choose one it would be “Pride and Prejudice”. I love the character of Elizabeth Bennett, she’s strong, intelligent, witty and full of passion. I love it!
    b) Helen Oyeyemi – I really like her book “Boy Snow Bird”. It is a retelling of snow white with a twist.
    c) Kevin Kwan – He is a new author. I never heard of him before, but I picked up his book based on the title and the artwork on the cover. His book is called “Crazy Rich Asians”. It has drama, couture and romance.
    d) Gillian Flynn – I like her book “Sharp Objects”. It is dark and distributing in a twisted good way.The authors I would recommend for erotica include:
    The stories I have listed are the ones I have read, but some of these authors have additional stories that I hope to read in the near future.
    a) Bianca Dean (aka HotSprings22) –  “Quarterback Sneak” (the new version), “Wanna Play”, “Desiree’s Star” [Thanks 🙂 ]b) Soular – “Damn Dress”, “Gabriella”, “Seven Days”
    c) Nerd4music – “Always and Never”, “Everything You Want”, “Getting Lucky”, “Getting Over Eddie”, “Only You”, “Used”
    d)KaiaBennett- “Gabriel” (this story is no longer available onLiterotica because some person decided to steal the authors work(s). Not only did this person screw over the author,but he screwed over the fans…thanks a lot asshole!)All these authors are very talented writers and clever storytellers. They create characters that you fall in love with and describe settings and situations that will generate a board range of emotions including happiness, sadness, rage, ecstasy and more . The majority of the erotica I have listed I have read more than once because I love these stories so much. You can find some of these stories/authors on Literotica, Amazon and Smashwords.
  5. Where do you go to learn about new books and/or authors?
    I learn about new books or authors from word of mouth, bookstores (scanning the shelves and checking out the website), the local library, creeping on authors social media sites (Facebook, tumblr etc….) and websites of my favorite authors.
  6. What would you have self-published authors improve?
    I would have self-published authors improve on their visibility and overall qualityofthefinal product they are offering to the consumer.Self publish authors need to recognize their skills and abilities have limitations. Theyneedtoassess their strengths and weaknesses and know itisokayto ask for help or seek outside resources toimprovetheirfinal product. Invest in services where your skills and abilities are the weakest (graphic designer, editor, promotional rep…). Be aware that this investment is not for now, (because the rate of returnislikelyto be nothing ), but for your future reputation. If you produce a product that is low quality, consumers will assume that is all you can or will offer. These assumptions will be very difficult to sway once a consumer has a certain perception of you. If your budget is tight or next to nothing, look for services that are free. My local library and town offer free workshops for small business owners, like marketing workshops (that’s what you are. You’re not just an author but and entrepreneur who is responsible for decisions pertaining to production, distribution and more). You can also seek out a recent graduate for graphic design who may need material to add to their portfolio.I highly recommend you obtain a sample audience for your book before you self-publish. Feedback from your sample audience can help pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your work (plot, character, typos, confusing parts…). Some feedback you can implement to improve your work and some feedback you can disregard.Your goal is not only to attract new readers but to retain the fan base you already acquired. Offer promotions, contest and more (who doesn’t like a deal?). It is important tohave a presence in social media because it makes it easier to reach and attract a wider global audience. It is vital that you stay consistent with your visibility on social media,whether it is daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.Your writing is a skill and with any skill you need practice to improve. Try to write everyday, even if it’s fifteen minutes, join writers group, go to conventions…network… it’s important. Good Luck!
  7. What are you reading right now?
    Right now I am reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. Just like her other story I mentioned before “Sharp Objects”, this story is just as dark and distributing but I can’t put it down…while I’m reading, ‘What The Fuck’ and ‘Noooo’…keep running through my head…lol. I heard of this author while checking out another authors Facebook page (a fan or the author was gushing about Gillian Flynn). Also, while I was at the drive thru of a fast food restaurant, the cashier saw the book on my passenger seat and couldn’t help but tell me how much she loved it…lol. I guess it’s a pretty popular book. [It’s a super awesome read. I’m starting Sharp Object now along with Chuck Palahnuik’s Tell All. Super excited.]
  8. What is your favorite place to read?
    I don’t have a favorite place to read. I will read anywhere…my bed, couch, kitchen table, work (on my lunch). I just need a quite spot to read.
  9. How much of a book do you skim before you buy it?
    I typically only read the summary before I buy a book. If the author can peek my interest with just the summary, I’m usually hooked and will buy the book right away. If the book has a really short summary and I’m on the fence I will read the first page to see if I want to buy the book.
  10. Once you’ve read a book, what do you do with it?
    Lately I have been borrowing books from the library, so once I’m finish I have to return them. But if I really like the book I tell everyone I know to go buy or borrow it. In the past, once I finish a book ( I own or family/friend owns) it gets passed on to a family member or friend.

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