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Reader Interview – Simone K.
Reader Interview - Simone K.

Reader Interview – Simone K.

Meet Simone. She likes to read, and she did a Reader Interview for me.

I think it’s important for writers to understand how their readers think. Most writers like to focus on what other authors focus on, while not taking the time to get to know their readers. While I think it’s important to have an open dialogue with authors (check out my Author Interviews), I think it’s also important to find out what your readers are really thinking.

Benefits of Doing a Reader Interview

Understanding your readers can provide you with several benefits:

  1. Make sure you are reaching your target demographic
  2. Obtain valuable feedback from your readers
  3. Find out what it is that your audience wants
  4. Find out what you’re doing right…or wrong for the readers you want to attract
  5. Attract more readers

It’s important to know who your readers are, and what they expect from your genre. As a writer, it is important to conduct reader interviews to ensure that you are still reaching and engaging your target audience. So let’s meet Simone K., my first reader to do a reader interview.

Reader Interview – Simone K.

  • Tell us something about yourself (age, interests, location…).
    24-year-old female. Recent college grad with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. I currently work at a TV station in the Carolinas. I am a big TV buff (from TV to movies to even documentaries). I am natural (for the second time). I love all things sports (Bears, Celtics, Cubs, Tar Heels), trying to get in the Armed Forces. And not afraid to admit that I’m still a virgin (by choice). I’m looking for Mr. Right in the streets and the sheets.
  • What are your reading preferences (Kindle, physical paperback books)?
    I prefer my Kindle on my iPhone/iPad, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t pick up a classic a paperback.
  • How do you decide what to buy/read? What influences your purchases?
    First by preference (Interracial Romance with a black woman lead, mysteries and biographies), book summaries and then viewer reviews/comments or recommendations.
  • What do you like about erotica? What do you not like about erotica?
    For a person who has no sexual experience (yet), it’s good to read about it. I also love the stories. Some of the writers write about things you might be going through or feel. The only issue with (some, not all) erotic stories is the over-sex in it. C’mon…keep realistic.
  • What types of erotica do you prefer to read?
    Any story with a good story line/plot and steamy love scenes will always get my attention. But I prefer erotic stories with a black female lead. It’s good to read stories that represent African-American women. Since I grew up a Christian home where premarital sex and divorce is looked down upon, so from that I love stories where virgin make love or when husbands and wives have awesome makeup and breakup sex. I will also look at some Non-Reluctance/Non-Consent stories…I have that to thank you for Ms. Bennett (i.e. Gabriel and Loose Ends).
  • Which authors would you recommend to other readers?
    I’d recommend readers check out Literotica. There are some talented writers on this site. You being one of them. But here’s who I’d recommend (Most of them can be found on Literotica):
  • Where do you go to learn about new books and/or authors?
    Amazon, Literotica,, and word of mouth.
  • What type of erotica would you like to see more of?
    Black Women with Black Men and then Black Women with other races.
  • What would you have self-published authors improve?
    Communication of their next story posting. I understand that writer’s block and life can get in the way, so I just rather you keep us in the loop on your stories versus not saying anything and having readers wait.
  • What are you reading right now?
Rereading a few stories.

  • Sunday (Ch. 5),
  • Seven Days (Soular),
  • Sex with an Ex (Eve Vaughn),
  • A New Beginning (Stolen Turtle),
  • Distractions (HotSprings22),
  • Rough Around the Edges (Mylanss). …I’ve read these (and more) like 10+ times.
But currently, I am reading:

  • What is your favorite place to read?
    I’d read anywhere….as long as my iPhone was charged. But the best place is in the arm of my comfy sofa…Kindle app in hand.
  • What makes you fall in love with a story?
    That character that relates to you or the one you want. It’s also the story and of course the sex, but not the just the sex but the connection the characters make during sex.
  • What is your favorite genre?
    Erotica and Biographies (love learning about other people).
  • How often do you agree with reviewers on a book?
    In the same genre yes. In a genre that’s not me…no
  • Do you review books? Why or why not.
    Yes. It’s good for people to see why you like or don’t like something. It’s what helped me come aboard or jump off the bandwagon.
  • Who is your favorite fictional character?
    That’s hard. I don’t think I can answer that because I have so many (erotic and no erotic). But I’m going to go with “Joan Carol Clayton” from Girlfriends. She was confident and crazy, but had a sense of style and morals.
  • What is the longest period of time you have gone without reading a book?
    Three days
  • How much of a book do you skim before you buy it?
    First three pages or chapter
  • Name a book you expected to like but didn’t.
    Eating Animals … summer reading book that talked about the meat eating culture we have. It was disgusting. Talked about how meat was packaged….I looked at McDonald’s chicken nuggets much differently afterwards.
  • Name a book you expected to not like but liked.
    Rock my Boat by Afton Locke…. it’s about a shifter who turns into a fish. I was like you are kidding? But I couldn’t put the book down and it turned about to be really good (to me that is).
  • Once you’ve read a book, what do you do with it?
    It depends. Okay stories, I would read in completion and not bother with again. But with stories I really like, I might reread it a couple times. Might start from the beginning or go to that part I like.

Thanks Simone for doing Wicked’s first Reader Interview! If you liked her interview, or want to do one of your own, drop me a line below.


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