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Review: The Billionaire’s Private Scandal by Jenna Bayley-Burke

The Billionaire’s Private Scandal

by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Publication Date: July 10, 2017

Genres: Adult, Entangled: Indulgence, Contemporary, Romance



Megan Carlton’s secret affair with financier Brandon Knight ended when he pulled off a hostile takeover of her family’s hotel empire and then kissed another woman. Broke and alone, Megan starts a new life and learns to stand on her own, then Brandon finds her serving coffee and surviving on tips and tries to pull her back into her old life and his arms. She thought she was over him, and she certainly can’t ever trust him again. But what her head knows and her heart feels are two different things.


This is the first book I’ve read by author, Jenna Bayley-Burke, and I absoutley enjoyed it. Mgan Carlton is used to wanting for nothing, and having it all until a family scandal rips everything from her, including her much needed support system. Megan doesn’t fold, she stands tall and tries to do what’s necessary to make ends meet and make a name for herself. There’s just one problem – when Megan left her old life behind, she also left behind Brandon, and he’s having none of it.

Jenna Bayley-Burke’s character development and knack for heightening dramatic scenes absoutley made this book. It’s a full length novel with something for everyone. I would have liked for some scenes to be a little shorter, but that just means Jenna did a fantastic job of getting me to flip pages faster. I loved it and I recommend it!



By day, Jenna is faster than a speeding toddler, stronger than a stubborn husband, able to leap tall Lego structures in a single bound…but by night, while the family sleeps she writes romance novels where no one ever has to scoop up after the dog, change diapers, clip coupons, drive carpool, do laundry, mop floors, get silly putty out of hair, vacuum, empty the vacuum bag (gross!), exercise, count calories, apply bandaids, clean up puke…wait where was this going? Oh, Jenna writes romance because it is glamorous. Just ask the dog.

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