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Why Social Media is Killing Your Novel

Why Social Media is Killing Your Novel

Every word that you’ve read as an author on self-promotion has said that you need to build your author platform. You did it. You got your:

  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • And even a Quora account

You’re spending hours typing away trying to like and comment on as much community content as you can. And guess what? The cursor is still blinking in the exact same place it was three days ago not having been pushed one letter further. You’re letting social media killing your novel.

Why What You’re Doing Doesn’t Work

So what do you do? You just tell yourself to write. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

Make a List

Ok, so now you’ve got a massive list complete with pretty bullet points and eye-catching colors. But, you don’t even use it. You want to, but the list and your tasks just seem too daunting. Maybe, on that list of thirty things, you managed to get five done. Not bad, right? Well it is if you’re a writer.

The point of building your author platform is to promote your work. But, you can’t promote work you haven’t worked on. So you create another list and tick off three more things. Boldly written at the top of that list is WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. You write a few more pages and then life gets in the way. Your social media accounts are suffering and so is your writing. So much for that list you spent forever compiling.

Your lists don’t work because our minds work better when digesting large chunks of information in smaller potions. But, you haven’t been doing that. Before long, you’re struggling to keep up with everything you need to do. Welcome to Burnout City

Burn Out City

You’ve been making massive lists with tasks like “update website, write articles, post to Twitter”. It may sound innocuous but by not having a detailed plan; you are setting yourself up for failure. What is your article going to be about? How are you going to update your website? What are you going to post to Twitter? If you sit down at your computer with only these things written on your list, you’re going to get lost in the black hole of the Internet while looking for a topic for your article. Now, you’re burnt out, not as far along as you want to be with your writing and you can’t keep anything straight.

How do you fix this?

Do What Works

What you’re doing isn’t working, so what will? Break up your to-do list into manageable pieces and then split those pieces up for the days of the week. Instead of just writing “Monday: write an article”, write Monday: come up with 2 article ideas for website. For Tuesday: draft article for website on [insert your topic]. If you do this for each task that you have, you will have more success in getting things done.

Want a better example, I have a Facebook, two Tumblr accounts, a Twitter, Pinterest, Google + page, a website, my WIP and a Lush account. I need to make sure that I am balancing out each of these things by keeping everything current. I created a Weekly Writing Planner for myself to get everything together. Each day only has a couple manageable tasks.

This way, even if I have absolutely no time I can still squeeze in my tasks. Everyone can find ten minutes in their day to get something done.

  • Monday: Queue 10 Tumblr posts for Wicked With Bianca Dean, Queue 10 Tumblr posts for Bianca Dean Author [Marketing to the right audience – Why I have two Tumblr accounts]
  • Tuesday: Tweet 5 times during the day about my day
  • Wednesday: Write 1 Facebook post, Draft article on What I Want to See More of in Fiction
  • Thursday: Login to Lush and post on forums, say hi to friends
  • Friday: Check in with Google +, pin 3 things on Pinterest
  • Saturday: Post article to website
  • Sunday: Work on WIP – write at least 3,000 words

I have broken all of the things I need to do into manageable chunks for each day. This way if I am particularly busy, I only need to find a couple minutes or so to get things done. If drafting my article is taking up too much of my time, I make sure that I have a good outline for it so that on Saturday, I can flush out the article and post it.

Now, this is only a list of the things that I absolutely need must do. If say on Monday I have some extra time, and I finish my Tumblr post queues, I can work on my WIP or I can draft an article for the site.

This method is much more conducive to me getting things done. This way I don’t get burnt out and each medium I’m using is getting an equal share of my attention.

Now, I will admit that I want to write more articles for the website, but I have to take my time and not forget that my first priority is my WIP.

My Gift to You

If you’re looking for something to help you balance your social media presence with your writing, check out my Wicked With Ink Weekly Writing Planner. This way, you can see what you need to do at a glance, and get it done.


Have an idea to make the writing-social media balance better? Let me know.


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