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Update – I Know…I Know…

So, I’ve kinda sorta been MIA lately. Here’s the story – I decided that I wanted to edit Distractions so that I can get it all ready and pretty for release. Isn’t it so much fun to go back and rediscover the characters you wrote? Anyway, I’m doing my little edits – which is hard for me because I’m dyslexic and not only to I reverse letters all the time, I see what I want to see on the page….so I’m thinking, it would be awesome if I found someone to read it over for me.

Then, a wonderful reader (:)) agrees to read it over and let me know what she thinks about the characters and flow and word choice, and all that jazz – She gives me really awesome edits and advice, and then I realize, I can do what I want with the story – I can make it even better! I can write myself out of the massive hole I dug for the ending so that I can finally continue Red and Gavin’s story in a new and unpredictable way!

And so I start the edits. Holy shit was it a bigger task then I ever imagined. At the same time, I’m working on a cover with Rainey Cloud – who is super awesome, talented and quick, and I’m still over here throwing out ENTIRE parts of the original Distractions. What?! I know. Crazy. While all of this is going on, I’ve finished my first draft of Complicated and I’m letting it marinate. I know where I want it to go, I just have to get it there.

On top of all of this (I know, it’s a lot) I’m obsessed with Homeland and the final season of Sons of Anarchy…and let’s not forget about football.

Sooooo, I just want you to know – I’m working on it. All of it. lol. I have a blog tour in the works, and I am still looking for Beta Readers, if any of you lovely people would care to volunteer, I would be eternally grateful. The cover for Distractions is finished (yay woo). I just need to clean up the second half of the story and then….get it ready for publishing.

Anyone want an ARC to review?

If you’re still with me…thanks! Things are in the works!

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