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we’ll be alright, tonight

we’ll be alright, tonight

by: Adam Moursy


ran into an old friend, Jerry,
on Grand, just before midnight.

“hey buddy, long time. how’s it going?”

“holding up,” he said, “I had an interview before
at some restaurant, French Vietnamese.”

“any luck?”

“doubt it. they said they’d call back,
but nobody wants me. that was the fifth interview this week.
I almost nailed it at this other place, but they specialize
in complex drinks, most of which I’d never heard of,
let alone knew how to make.”

“hell,” I said, “nothing wrong with a regular cup
of coffee or a vodka straight.”

“at least Mary took me back. but she says
that if I don’t get it together,
I’ll be back out on the street.
things are looking rough.”

“shit, I haven’t even seen the sun in three weeks,
except through the window shade.
it shines through but it doesn’t touch me.
I just drink the nights away and sleep all day.
actually, I lucked into a girl earlier, but she ended up
storming out in a fit of rage over something I said.”

“well, we still have the night.”

“that’s one thing they can’t keep from us,” I told him.

“spot me a beer?” he asked.

“sure, kid. let’s go.”

we walked on down the barren street
to the first place that would have us.

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