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Why are Werewolves So Popular?
Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux on True Blood

Why are Werewolves So Popular?

Werewolves are everywhere. You can’t deny that. But what is the fascination with them? Big hairy dogs drooling and biting people is a far cry from the Superhero phase the media went through aggressively in the past ten years. Box Office Mojo. The focus has shifted from the All American Boy next door

saving the world by ripping off his shirt and taking off his glasses to that All American Boy shifting into a giant animal and snarling at everyone. But why?

Werewolves are Sexy


Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux on True Blood

Well, at the moment, werewolves are sexy. Twilight’s Jacob Black, True Blood’s Alcide Herveaux, and The Wolfman’s Lawrence Tablot don’t frighten you, they get you excited. Honestly, if I saw Alcide Herveaux anywhere, wolf or not, I would do a little panting myself.

Werewolves Shedding Their Clothes to Help us Cope

It would appear as if popular culture is shedding social restrictions and instead is getting to the heart of the human or nonhuman condition. The werewolves we see in popular culture are just like people, but they aren’t they are stronger, faster, sexier, but they are still plagues by the same issues that us regular humans have. They are looking for love, acceptance, revenge, apathy, and they actively seek these things, just like we do with one exception. It is acceptable to watch them defy social and moral norms to get what they want. Often this personifies the things that people want to do, but can’t. We may be in love with our bosses wife, but we can’t kill them man; we have to think about consequences and repercussions.

Jacob Black

Jacob Blank from Twilight via

We may really want to tear apart that jerk we work with, but again, the thought of living in a 5×10 cell stops us. But, we can live out those fantasies through the less inhibited, often more emotional werewolves. We can let the feral side of our psyche take over, while still remaining inside our social norms and not going on killing sprees.



Werewolves sure make it look good don’t they?



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