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Why Every Erotic Writer Should Self-Publish a Book

Why Every Erotic Writer Should Self-Publish a Book

If you, as an erotic writer, self-publish an erotic book, you will stand out, make some money, grow your fan base, understand your erotic niche better and get a better handle on what readers want from you.

Who is Self-Publishing For?
Why Erotica Writers Should Self-Publish
Material to Self-Publish

Who is Self-Publishing For?

Self-publishing is for anyone. Literally.

  1. Little to No Cost. Self-Publishing can be done for little to no cost to you. You can choose to publish on the Amazon or iBook platform using free tools from the Internet. Not only will you then be able to say you are a published author, but you will be a published author without the high overhead costs of hiring or seeking out a traditional publisher.
  2. Content Control and Design. Without having to go through a publisher, you can publish exactly what you want, the way you want it. You do not have to worry about using an expensive publishing designer to ensure that you work meets a publisher’s “standards”, which sometimes are completely different than what you want.
  3. Faster Time To Publication. If you already have your material written, edited and ready to be released, by self-publishing, you can have your content audience ready in less than 48 hours. This absolutely beats the time that it can take for a traditional publisher to publish your work. Going through traditional publishers means that you have to have meetings, design consultations, re-designs and then, eventually a launch date – sometimes a year from the time your work is actually ready.
  4. Marketing is Cheaper. The power of social media is undeniable. You do not have to pay a publicist to make your success the last thing on their list of things to do, when all you need to do is create a Twitter and Facebook account and get to work.

Why Erotica Writers Should Self-Publish

  1. You Already Have the Material. If you have been an erotic writer, or a writer in any other genre for that matter, you probably have more material than you know what to do with. Right now, I have enough material for three books. Sure, it needs to be edited, but I already have the material, so half the battle is over.
  2. Turn Your Short Stories into Anthologies. Short stories are an excellent way for writers to get their name out there. They are also an excellent way for readers to determine if they like your work without having to labor through an entire novel length piece they may not like.
  3. Use Your Short Stories as a Marketing Tool. Your short stories are like a resume. Readers can read them quickly, get a feel for your work, and decide if they like it. If they do, they will be more likely to purchase some of your longer works.
  4. Say You’re a Published Author. Anyone who has ever decided to write something down on paper and share it with others has dreamed of being able to call themselves a published author. The truth is, as long as you’re published, no one cares who published the work. If people can buy your work, and you get paid for it, you are a published author.

Material to Publish

  1. Short Stories. Even if you feel that your stories are ‘too short’, or are unfinished, compiling a collection of short stories can be great for testing out any new ideas that you have. These can work as cliffhangers to ensure that new readers of your work continue to come back to see how you have finished the story.
  2. Publish Your Blog. Blogs are a great source of material. Of course, you should never copy and paste your blog for publication format, but instead, re-work or re-write your blog entries for chapters in a book. Bring together related content for your readers in one place. This will give readers topics they are familiar with as well as making it easy for you to gather enough content for publication.
  3. Novellas or Longer Pieces You’ve Written. If you have written longer pieces that have yet to make it to your blog or be published online, try digital publication. Often, readers who choose to download books, are looking for something longer to read. If you already have a following, this can be an excellent way to grow your fan base; give commuters something to read while on the bus or train.
  4. Genres Other Than Erotica. If readers are familiar and like your erotic work, branching out to different types of fiction can also work to grow your fan base. By publishing other works that are not in the erotica genre, you may also gain readers who like your work, and are looking to sample your erotic writings. Make sure you give everyone a chance to read your writing.
  5. Thoughts on How to Make Genres, Editing and Scenes Better. Novice writers, as well as seasoned authors are constantly looking to improve their writing, get other’s thoughts on the writing process and find inspiration. Articles, or short publications on how you write, edit and come up with ideas can be a gold mine.
  6. Your Processes and How They’ve Helped. Have you recently changed writing habits? Instead of writing in bed after work, have you bought a digital recorder and recorded your thoughts on your way to work? Write about what you have done differently, and how it has, or hasn’t helped. Writers and readers alike are always interested in finding out how others choose to go about their writing processes.

Writers are always trying to distinguish themselves. Writing a book will make you an expert in your field, especially if you do your homework. Plan your books out and relate them together. Update your content. If you are writing articles on how you do things, continually ensure that you are revamping your work to show how you are evolving as a writer.

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  1. I found this article very interesting. I’ve had two stories published in e-Book anthologies, yet I have difficulty thinking of myself as an ‘Author’. I still think I’m a ‘Writer’…

    I like the definition: If people can buy your work, and you get paid for it, you are a published author.

    Lots of good ideas there too. I’ve got loads of material lying around. Stuff that I started, or finished but missed the deadlines. There’s loads of good stuff that I could bring together and publish. Thanks.

  2. Cause erotic writers want money too 🙂