Wicked With Ink Book Review: Scoring off the Field by Naima Simone

Wicked With Ink Book Review: Scoring off the Field by Naima Simone

I received an ARC of Scoring off the Field in exchange for an honest review



Scoring off the Field by Naima Simone is an adult contemporary sports romance and is book 2 of the WAGs series. This book can be read as a stand alone.

Tennyson Clark is trying to find her own way and forge a life that’s all hers. For as long as she can remember, Dominic “Dom” Anderson, her best friend, has been the center of her universe, for personal and professional reasons. Working as his personal assistant, Tennyson has never known a life without Dom, the star quarterback of the Washington Warriors, by her side – or in her dreams. Ready to move on from the fantasy of her and Dom living happily ever after together as a couple, Tennyson is ready for a new job and a new man.

Football is everything to Dom, and he’s made it known. Nothing will come in the way of his career – not partying, a rookie quarterback eyeing to start or love. With all his focus on football, he doesn’t have time for anything or anyone else. So, when his reliable and dependable best friend, Tennyson, throws him a curveball and tells him she’s moving on, and essentially out of his life, Dom has to make a choice. Either let her move on to a mysterious job and online dates that obviously won’t be good enough for her or, find a way to keep her in his life.

It seems like a great plan for Tennyson and Dom to give into their carnal urges…until its not.


I have to be honest here – this is the first book I’ve read by Naima Simone and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I love sports romance, so I had high hopes, but I wasn’t exactly sure how strong or well Scoring off The Field would stand on its own for me, as I haven’t read the first book.

The first few pages did not hook me the way I wanted; I felt like the author was trying too hard to hook me. But, by page six (about halfway through Chapter 1 on my iPad), I was ready for more.

I really enjoyed Tennyson. She easily could have been one of those female leads that became clingy and whiny and a quintessential damsel in distress just looking for attention, but Naima Simone did a great job of giving us a lead character that could stand on her own. This seemed like a challenge because Tennyson’s life, by design, revolves around Dom. Tennyson reminded me of myself in that she overanalyzed everything, but tried to remain logical and focused on the changes she wanted to make to better her life.

I also liked Dom because I felt he was a solid character with solid focus. Keeping his character development focused around fewer elements helps Naima Simone create a well-rounded and grounded character.

I read the book in three sittings, and I will admit, that I hurried home from work so I could keep reading. Naima Simone did an excellent job of creating two attractive characters with undeniable chemistry. The steamy sex scenes are an added bonus for this book, because the book would still be strong without them.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone that enjoys adult contemporary sports romance and, I may even venture out and read the first book in this series.

This book gets 4 stars out of 5 for me.

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