Write it Out – Inspiration: The Book Hangover

Write it Out – Inspiration: The Book Hangover

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Have you ever read a book so good, you couldn’t start another? I can say that’s only happened a handful of times for one. One of the notable was after I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I remember putting the book down, looking around at my empty bedroom with my jaw slack, trying to figure out how in the hell Flynn managed to hook, fool, and confound me until the last page. Because I’m a voracious reader and avid movie watcher, I can usually call where a story is going and when. At no point during my read of Gone Girl, was I able to predict what was going to happen, and it was thrilling.

For a long time after I finished Gone Girl, other books seems to lack luster. I spent months trying to re-work my WIPs to make them more Flynn-esque. It took a long time for me to stop trying to pull a part other writer’s work and just enjoy the story.

What’s the story of your favorite book hangover?

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