Write It Out – Inspiration: The Ideal Writing Space

If I had enough money, my ideal writing space would be similar to that of Erica Berry’s writing nook in Something’s Gotta Give with a few key changes. Erica’s house is set somewhere in the Hamptons, with large, bright, open and airy rooms, floor to ceiling windows, big comfortable couches and of course, a mini library in her living room.

When I first saw this movie, I literally swooned over the house, and then they panned to Erica sitting at her desk. Be still my heart.

Her desk was situated at the end of her room in a beautiful nook with a 180-degree view of her yard. While flowers and grass obstructed her view, I would love my nook to over look the ocean. My chair would be something a lot more comfortable –large enough that I could curl up in if I were just reading a book.

Her desk was picture-perfect; large and unembellished, ideal for getting work done. I could lose the phone, and the plant, but overall, I would take this in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you?


So, you know what my ideal writing space is, what’s yours?

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